Project Updates

Since the first public meeting, the project team interviewed several stakeholders held meetings with the County and the municipalities, and conducted several field surveys of the preliminary network streets to record and map quantitative data such as road width, sidewalk conditions, speeds, parking, etc. In addition, the team analyzed crash data to identify intersections and roadways for potential safety improvements. Additional data analysis was done to identify which roads could accommodate bicycle facilities using a technical measure - Bicycle Compatibility - and what the level of stress was experienced by a cyclist on a roadway using a experiential measure – Bicycle Level of Stress.

The County along with the project team further refined the preliminary bicycle and pedestrian network, presented during the first Public Open House with representatives from the different municipalities. At the next public meeting, coming up in November, the team will present the refined network, the data analysis, and other relevant details to gain feedback and consensus on the Central Bergen Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans.

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Preliminary Network of Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans

Sub-Area Maps of the Study Area Towns

What are Complete Streets?

What are Bicycle-Friendly Streets?

What are Pedestrian-Friendly Streets?

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